Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Learn everything about Google search engine, the algorithm and Seach Engine Optimization. Important for SEO is linkbuilding, content and technical website optimization.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). The goal of SEO is optimizing websites for search engines, but what might be more important, is optimizing websites for visitors. SEO consists of several important factors, like content, linkbuilding and the technical part. The main goal of creating a website, is to fulfill the needs of the visitor. Don’t focus on a keyword, focus on righting a good story. Linkbuilding is not as easy as 5 years ago, when you could spam index-pages. You’ll have to find a website with a high page rank, to get qualitative links. The key to get good backlinks? Create shareable content. Besides content and linkbuilding, the technical part is extremely important for SEO. Without a good, technical page, Google won’t be able to crawl and index the page. SEO is not some random trick to rank high in Google, but it’s a way of continuous improving your website. Creating new, quality content every month, is still the key.

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